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page is mouse friendly tiling window manager for linux. page organizes windows in tiles and groups them in tabs. It allow to reconfigure dynamically tile and tabs with your mouse pointer. page can be used with desktop environment that allow to replace the window manager, for instance MATE or XFCE.

page is under development and implement ICCCM and EWMH. It is implemented in C++11 and depend on Xlib, xcb, glib, pango and cairo. The code is distributed under GPLv3.

2017-07-27: I look for contributor with numeric graphical skill to improve page default theme, which can contribute for free (as the project is). See Contacts if you want contribute.


2017-12-10: Due to change in MediaWiki configuration, I did a reset of the MediaWiki and I did a partial transfer of content.

2017-07-14: Release 1.9.9. Rewrite of workspaces management code, should fix random/unexpected workspaces behaviours. Improve main loop and animation management, transition should be smoother.

2017-02-03: Release 1.9.8. Bug fix and compilation fix

2016-07-25: Release 1.9.7. Bug fix release.

2015-09-12: Release 1.9.6. Fix a frequent segfault.

2015-09-04: Release 1.9.4. Fix bugs, improve multi-screen support, few theme improvement.

2015-08-22: Release 1.9.3. Implement tiny_theme and update simple_theme.

2015-08-15: Release 1.9.1. a lot of updates: tabs previews. atl-tab re-design, switch workspace animation, mouse over support and massive internal redesign.

2015-05-02: Release 1.5.4. fix the floating windows layout.


Supported features:

  • Tiling Window manager,
  • Mouse friendly,
  • Drag&Drop tabs,
  • Floating windows,
  • Internal compositor,
  • Multiple monitor support,
  • Multiple desktop.

For more details go to Documentation.