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page has 3 kind of management for application windows:

  • bound windows,
  • floating windows,
  • fullscreen windows.

Bound windows are regular windows for page, they are in a given tab, they can be moved to others tab groups or switched to floating windows. Floating windows are usual windows, they are free to move on screen and they always are above bound windows. They can also be bounded, i.e. switched to bound window type. Last, fullscreen windows are window in fullscreen, they are bound to a viewport (usually monitor). You can switch fullscreen window from a monitor to an other. This picture summarize action that you can perform.


Install on Ubuntu

Install on Gentoo

Install on Fedora

Using with mate desktop environement


page has a system default configuration file: /usr/share/page/page.conf. You can override default setting with the $HOME/.page.conf file. The easiest way to override the configuration is to copy /usr/share/page/page.conf to $HOME/.page.conf with:

$ cp /usr/share/page/page.conf $HOME/.page.conf

then edit the $HOME/.page.conf file with your favourite text editor.

Defaults Shortcut

Default shortcut use ctrl, alt and mod4 meta key. mod4 is Windows key on window or the apple key on MacOS. Many shortcut can be changed in the configuration file.

General shortcuts:

  • mod4 + q : terminate page,
  • ctrl + alt + Left : go to the left workspace,
  • ctrl + alt + Right : go to the right workspace
  • mod4 + v : turn the selected window to fullscreen
  • mod4 + b : bind the selected window
  • mod4 + c : unbind the selected window

Shortcuts for floating windows:

  • alt + right mouse button : resize window
  • alt + left mouse button : move window

Shortcuts bound windows:

  • alt + left mouse button : drag&drop to move window

Shortcut fullscreen windows:

  • alt + left mouse button : drag&drop to change window screen